Commercial Heat Alarms

Installing A Heat Fire Alarm On Your Property

It’s not difficult to imagine the devastating effects of fire on a property and on your life. An investment in even a simple fire alarm is a smart decision to ensure that your family, employees, and tenants are well protected from fire. Disruption of business and loss of one’s possessions can take some time to replace- or may even be irreplaceable.

The Principle Of Heat Fire Alarms

There are different types of fire alarms, those based on smoke detection, heat detection or a flaming fire. Heat detection fire alarms are built on the principle of heat as a major component of fire. The in-built sensors are triggered as soon as the room temperature reaches dangerous levels. Installing one on your property guarantees you early detection in the event of a fire. They are fitted with loud alarms that go off to notify security personnel.

Working With Heat Alarm Specialists

Before you install a heat alarm on your property, it is important to consult the right personnel. Mittens Electrical has over 80 years of experience in electrical service industry. We have installed several heat alarm units for residents throughout the past decades.

Furthermore, we are accredited in the latest fire control regulations BS5839 pt1:2013. Our electricians are highly experienced and qualified to consult on your fire prevention installations. If you need help with domestic, commercial or industrial fire alarms and maintenance, you can rely on Mittens Electrical to deliver.

With the right systems installed, it means that your family or employees and tenants will be safe. If a fire breaks out, they will be able to exit the building without harm.

Recommendations For Heat Alarms

The type of fire detection and heat alarm system you install in your facility should depend on your fire safety objectives. The objectives could be a subject of your facility’s risk assessment policies and operations. Another important factor to consider is your risk tolerance level and the value of content in a particular building.

The Importance Of Quick Heat Alarm Systems

Surely, the realities in a school will differ from those in a warehouse. In a facility, such as a school, where children may not be able to exit a burning building without adult assistance, early detection is extremely necessary. Hospitals, hotels and other facilities where occupants may be asleep during a fire outbreak, needs that quick notification system to be installed.

In a warehouse, the occupants are more likely to be awake when a fire occurs, and as such, there will be less need for alarm systems. There may be no need for early notification so the type of heat alarm installed will be different in such buildings. As a general rule, an unoccupied facility where protecting life is not a major issue, can have a slower fire detection system.

What To Consider When Choosing A System

When selecting a heat alarm system, you must also take into account continuous commitment that will be needed throughout the life of the system. Activities such as inspection, testing, and maintenance are quite extensive.

Our electrical engineers help property owners to maintain their heat detection systems for longer lasting and more effective use.

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