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It takes a high level of technical knowledge and precision to carry out a well-executed industrial electrician projects. At Mittens Electrical Engineering, we believe in providing professional, comprehensive solutions. We are experts in a wide range of services for both on-site and in-house projects. We have well trained industrial electricians who deliver quality services and communicate effectively with clients to get the job done right first time.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six years experience
  • Unrivaled experience
  • An exceptional service
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Industry-approved installers
  • A full range of electrical services
  • Professional, reliable and diligent
  • 100% safety and satisfaction

What Are Your Requirements? We Provide Expert Services No Matter Your Project Size

At Mittens Electrical Engineering, we operate across a variety of industries and offer lots of flexibility. Depending on the nature of the solutions required, we are able to either provide on-site or in-house services. As such, when it comes to industrial electrical system problems, you can count on our professional industrial electricians to visit you and give the necessary assistance or carry out the necessary repairs. We are experts in:

Electric motors:

As a company that believes in providing the best and most comprehensive electrical services to a wide variety of clients, we have industrial electricians who are experts when it comes to electric motors. From handling AC/DC motor rewinds to dynamic balancing and ATEX hazardous repair/ overhaul, you can be sure of a well-executed project.

AC Inverters / DC Drives:

If your electrical work involves the installation of control panels, sensors, timers, AC/DC test facilities and so on, our team of professional industrial electricians, will employ energy-saving expertise, and provide the required solution. We also carry out thermal imaging monitoring and diagnosis.

Control Gears:

At Mittens Electrical, we handle electrical switches, relays, contactors and DC injection. Our team of industrial electricians conducts the necessary fault diagnosis to ensure that obsolete parts are either replaced or repaired.

Industrial Lighting and Power:

When it comes to solutions for lighting and power installations, such as designing, managing, inspecting, testing, and more, you can trust us to deliver. At Mittens Electrical Engineering, we are always available to discuss in detail how our qualified industrial electricians can meet your requirements. Simply call us now on 01273257076.

Electrical Services At Mittens Electrical Engineering

We execute your project by only using high-quality parts, sourcing and supplying what you need. We are approved distributors of premium products from well-known manufacturers such as Brook Crompton And Tec, Schneider, Parker, Mitsubishi and so on, making us a company that you can trust to deliver quality services and materials.

Our industrial electricians specialize in:

  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Upgrade

  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring and fault diagnosis

We offer these services in line with best practices in the industry, applying energy saving techniques as we undertake our projects and provide solutions to meet your needs.

Since 1935, we have endeavoured to be the best, leading the industry in providing quality electrical services to leisure centres, utility companies, airports, schools, power stations, sawmills, government agencies and so on. We are known in the industry for exceeding the expectations of our clients and working within specified deadlines. As professionals, we ensure that proper diagnosis is carried out, adequate inspection done and an accurate estimates are given, depending on the solution that is to be provided.

We are available to answer any questions that you may have on how best we can meet your requirements. Call us today on 01273257076.

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Accredited Industrial Electricians: We Can Deliver On Your Demands

With over 80 years of experience, Mittens Electrical Engineering is a fully accredited and certified company that understands the industry’s practices and operates in line with industry guidelines and regulations. This is why our professional team of industrial electricians embark on projects with a high level of commitment to meet safety and security standards.

We are committed to offering clients quality services, and we believe that our expertise helps us to meet and exceed industry standards- making us a company that our clients can depend on.This is why we are focused on our clients, bringing solutions and ensuring that our professional industrial electricians work within agreed timelines, for the smooth running of your business.

Whether you need immediate assistance or items have to be collected and worked upon in our workshop before being returned, whether you require servicing and maintenance work or installation services.

Whatever the focus of your project, we are fully equipped and we have the right team of professional industrial electricians for you.

Call us today on 01273257076 and let us give you the expert advice that you need.

Let Experienced Industrial Electricians Handle Your Project

Having been in business since 1935, we have worked with a rich mix and variety of clients. Our highly experienced industrial electricians have also handled various on-site and in-house projects- depending on what is required. We have a reputation for offering clients quality services.

Most aspects of our projects are carried out in-house, which means that there is no extra cost incurred from outsourcing the work. At Mittens Electrical Engineering, our industrial electricians are well trained and experienced- having worked with a wide variety of clients. This makes them able to work efficiently even in challenging environments and executing different types of projects no matter the scope or size.

We believe that our solutions are most beneficial to clients when they are sure of quality and flexibility in delivery of services. As such, we have maintained a reputation for providing comprehensive services and products to local enterprises and large multi-national corporations alike.

About Mittens Electrical


Happy clients mean we receive lots of positive word of mouth recommendations, which also means our partners’ reputations are under scrutiny when we act on their introductions. Our willingness to share our expertise and product knowledge within our partners’ organisations helps create a mutually beneficial working relationships and reciprocates that trust.

Our History

Established in 1935, a small family engineering firm has evolved into a successful multi million pound business, providing a wide range of products and services to local enterprises and large multi nationals alike. Every client enjoys and benefits from the same focused delivery approach ensuring that each and every job is completed to the highest standards


We pay attention to detail. Our proven industry-leading expertise and strong focus on safety, regulation and accreditation are all key factors when choosing Mittens Electrical. Clients often invite us to get involved early in their project design to help minimise costly design oversights.


With over 80 years experience of delivering quality service and solutions to our clients, we always seek to enhance not just our reputation, but our partners’ too. Service and quality underpin everything that we do. Experience counts.

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Contact Mittens Electrical for Comprehensive Electrical Services

With over 80 years of experience, we are a company that you can trust. We enjoy positive recommendations from clients who have worked with us over the years, making us a trusted company in the industry. As an accredited and certified company, we pay attention to details and operate in line with industry best practices, leaving our clients happy and satisfied.

Do you need a professional industrial electrician who can meet all requirements and expertly execute your project? Then call us on 01273257076 and find out how we can help.

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