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Do you need to rewire a newly-purchased property or update your existing electrical wiring? Look no further than Mittens Electricalfully qualified and experienced electrical contractors. Not only do we offer partial and full electrical rewiring, we offer electrical inspections to check the condition of your wiring and provide advice regarding whether or not your wires should be replaced. Faulty wiring can lead to a host of electrical problems for homeowners, including the risk of a fire outbreak. It is important to make sure that your wiring remains up to date according to Part P of the Buildings regulations. If you are interested in a new property, you must make sure it has the latest wiring in place. Rewiring is often necessary when you are expanding or renovating your home, as the wiring in place needs to be able to carry any additional load.

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Partial Rewiring

This involves rewiring only a part of the property with may contain old or faulty wires. Different parts of a property may have different wiring systems, either due to a previous renovation or extension. At Ta Mittens Electrical, our contractors can inspect the building and provide rewiring services for affected areas to bring them up to regulation standards. Partial rewiring is also done when additional circuits are to be added to the electrical load. Partial rewiring is usually non-invasive and does not require you to move out of your property. Our electricians will consult with you on requirements and specific needs of the job prior to the start of the project.

Full House Rewiring

Our electricians are well-equipped and certified to carry out full house rewiring at an affordable price. Rewiring usually occurs in two stages: first and second fix. The wiring, cables and all associated electrical components are installed in the first fix. This is the more disruptive stage, as wires go across ceilings, inside walls and under floors. The second fix is when the front faces of switches, sockets and lights are installed, and all systems go ‘live’. Special requirements must be adhered to for wiring wet areas such as bathrooms. Our electrical contractors are knowledgeable on all building regulations and electrical requirements, and you can be rest assured that your house rewiring projects are in competent hands.

Colour-coding Wires

UK cable colours were changed to match the European coloursin 2006. The neutral black wire is now blue, while the single phase wire has been changed from red to brown. The protective earth wire maintains its green and yellow stripes. Few properties across the country still use the old wiring system, which should regularly be tested, though it is more advisable to have the property rewired to prevent electrical hazards. All wiring must comply with the BS 7671 Wiring Regulations.

When you purchase or wish to renovate a property, our expert electrical contractors can help you carry out a wiring check to determine the condition of the cables, making sure they are all up to date and do not pose any hazardous threats.

Wires typical have a lifespan of 30-40 years, and their condition will deteriorate quickly after that time, often becoming safety hazards. Modern wiring sheaths are PVCu-coated, usually grey or white, with twin earthed cabling. If you observe rubber, lead, or fabric insulated cables, the property will most likely need to be rewired.

When Do You Need to Rewire Your Property?

Rewiring may be necessary under the following conditions:

How much does an EICR cost?

Purchasing property – if you are purchasing a building that is 25 years and above, all wiring must be checked to bring them up to regulation standard. New properties are more likely to be up to date, but an electrical check should be done to spot any instances of negligence in maintenance and safety.

Remodelling – if your wish to remodel your property including material adjustments as defined by Building regulations, some rewiring may be necessary and the consumer unit should be upgraded as well.

Extension and conversions –Extending your property or converting an already existing room usually adds more to the electrical load. It is important to ensure that the new wiring installed comply with electrical safety regulations, while checking that the existing wires are able to support the additional load. Consumer units should also be upgraded accordingly.

Loss of electricity – Badly-done wiring jobs can lead to a partial loss of electricity on your property. This may affect a whole section, such as the entire downstairs area, or may be limited to just one room. Either way, it is important to have a highly qualified electrician take a look at the property.

Faulty RCDs – Residual current devices (RCDs) trip when the electric current flowing into a circuit does not equal the current flowing out. If RCDs on your property trip more often than they should, it is usually indicative of faulty wiring.

Faulty Lights – when lights burn out quickly and more often than they should, it is most likely as a result of faulty wiring. Flickering lights can also be a sign that your wires need to be checked.

Sockets – signs that your sockets are burnt including black or brown discoloration around the edges of the socket or on the wall behind it. There may also be a burnt smell emanating from the socket or a buzzing, sparking sound coming from the wires. Sockets should be inspected as often as possible as damages ones can be as a result of faulty wiring.

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