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Mittens Electrical is a leading, reliable electrical design company in the UK, which provides a variety of top performance electrical solutions to both domestic and industrial clients.

At Mittens Electrical, we have the first grade expertise and grounded experience to get the job done speedily, efficiently and with minimal disruption, regardless of your electrical design needs or project size. Our focus in every project is to keep your business running smoothly, with you feeling at peace.

Our skilled, experienced and client-focused engineering teams, undertake a wide range of electrical design, installation, repair and maintenance projects, and sell a wide variety of electrical solutions to an ever expanding, demanding and satisfied customer base. Whether you need a direct electric motor rewind, or a hospital theatre upgrade, or an installation for energy saving lighting at Gatwick Airport, Mittens Electrical has done it before.

If your organization needs an electrical design solution, no matter its size of complexity, contact Mittens Electrical and experience the most seamlessly efficient and premium service for your business.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six years experience
  • Unrivaled experience
  • An exceptional service
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Industry-approved installers
  • A full range of electrical services
  • Professional, reliable and diligent
  • 100% safety and satisfaction

Innovative, Attentive And Solution-Orientated In Every Electrical Design Project

Since our inception, we have carried out a great number of complex projects, stamping our corporate signature of quality, innovation and detailed design on every project executed.

This has made our clients stick with us and engage us as their permanent partners for quick and effective solutions to any electrical problem- anytime. They also frequently refer other clients to us, which is why more than 70% of our client base

are made up of repeat customers and referrals. Our innovative approach and advanced design systems have led to tremendous growth in our reach and client base. Our highly proficient and customer-centric team of engineers work with different public and private organisations in electrical project planning, specification mapping, and construction administration solutions, for various project types.We have worked on a number of public and private projects including airports, railways, health care, universities, schools, power stations, government agencies, military, utilities, site development, sports facilities, and parks, fuelling facilities and commercial enterprises.

Every project is carefully planned and executed to the finest detail to fit client specifications, and to meet the best international quality and safety standards- utilizing the latest and most innovative design principles and techniques.

That is why we are regarded as a national leader in electrical designs, installation, repairs and maintenance solutions. We deliver optimum performance, client satisfaction, and peace of mind.

When you work with us, you’ll find that our staff is highly committed, and focused on understanding and meeting your needs and expectations – from our warm and friendly customer support representatives to our highly professional field engineering teams.

Regardless of timing, project type or size, or the client we work for, all of our staff adhere to the core corporate principles of a strong work ethic, discipline, integrity, and professionalism.

So, you can be sure that we certainly have the qualified personnel, the right tools and the most effective skills and techniques to get the job done satisfactorily, on time, and within budget.

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We Guarantee Quality On Electrical Designs And Installation

With Mittens Electrical, you have nothing to worry about, and you can simply relax and look on as your electrical design vision comes to life.

We assure you that when you engage our services, you’ll be working with a firm that has adopted and implemented the rules of innovation, quality, accountability, integrity, passion and commitment. So, you know that you’re in safe hands and can expect to enjoy 100% satisfaction from partnering with us.

Our staff approach every project from the standpoint of these values, which form the basis of all of our operations and client relationships. We aim to continuously create and add value to our client’s businesses and help move their enterprises forward towards increased efficiency.

At Mittens Electrical, we boast of some of the best trained, professional and experienced engineering teams in the industry. They are always learning and constantly updating their knowledge and skill sets so that they can provide you with the most current, tested and effective solutions in all kinds of electrical design works.

Electrical Design Solutions That We Can Provide To You

Our customer focused teams are always in constant touch and communication with clients at every stage of the project- from the conceptualization to the execution, and after-service support and maintenance.

We take into consideration your specific objectives, preferences, budget and time frames; and execute the project using the latest technology and techniques, applying our practical work values to deliver efficient, cost effective solutions.Here are some of the of services we can deliver to you:

AC Inverters / DC Drives

  • Energy Saving Expertise
  • Automated Control Panels
  • Sensors, Timers, AC/DC Test Facilities
  • Thermal Imaging, Monitoring, Diagnosis
  • Approved Stockists and Suppliers of Parker, Mitsubushi, Danfoss & Vacon
  • OEM Parts

Lighting & Power

  • Energy Saving Expertise
  • Automated Control Panels
  • Sensors, Timers, AC/DC Test Facilities
  • Thermal Imaging, Monitoring, Diagnosis
  • Approved Stockists and Suppliers of Parker, Mitsubushi, Danfoss & Vacon
  • OEM Parts

About Mittens Electrical


Happy clients mean we receive lots of positive word of mouth recommendations, which also means our partners’ reputations are under scrutiny when we act on their introductions. Our willingness to share our expertise and product knowledge within our partners’ organisations helps create a mutually beneficial working relationships and reciprocates that trust.

Our History

Established in 1935, a small family engineering firm has evolved into a successful multi million pound business, providing a wide range of products and services to local enterprises and large multi nationals alike. Every client enjoys and benefits from the same focused delivery approach ensuring that each and every job is completed to the highest standards


We pay attention to detail. Our proven industry-leading expertise and strong focus on safety, regulation and accreditation are all key factors when choosing Mittens Electrical. Clients often invite us to get involved early in their project design to help minimise costly design oversights.


With over 80 years experience of delivering quality service and solutions to our clients, we always seek to enhance not just our reputation, but our partners’ too. Service and quality underpin everything that we do. Experience counts.

Control Gear

  • We can cross reference “obsolete” parts & equipment, either making “old for new” or sourcing replacements
  • Relays
  • Contactors
  • Switches

  • Agents and Suppliers of Crompton Controls and Schneider Electric
  • Collection and Delivery for Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis
  • Dc Injection

Why You Should Hire Us For Your Electrical Design Needs

Certified and accredited

At Mittens Electrical, our engineers work across a spectrum of industries and are fully certified and accredited to ensure that our clients and partners abide by the rules, guidelines, regulations and codes of compliance applicable to their sector.

Values and working principles of innovation, quality, accountability, integrity, passion and commitment

To keep you 100% covered and satisfied with peace of mind.


We have undertaken hundreds of different kinds and sizes of projects, delivered with optimum performance and client satisfaction.
Professional and versatile

We have some of the best skilled, experienced and customer-focused teams in the industry today. We are also able to deliver client projects on-site, or partly in-house in our workshops.

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