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Mittens Electrical Engineering: A World-Class Commercial Electric Heating Solution

At Mittens Electrical Engineering, we are reputable experts on electric heating. Established in 1935 as a family engineering company, we have grown over the years, through quality service delivery, to become a giant corporation that provides a diverse range of electric heating products and services to commercial establishments (both big and small) across the United Kingdom.

Our ultimate goal is to improve, not just our reputation as an authority in commercial electric heating in the U.K., but also the reputation of our partners and, of course, the lives and businesses of our clients.

Why Choose Mittens Electrical Engineering Commercial Electric Heating Solution?

  • Cost-effective commercial electric heating solutions.
  • Over 80 years of electric heating expertise at your disposal.
  • 24/7 emergency electric heating services.
  • We are committed to offering personalised electric heating services.

  • Durable electric heating hardware and services.
  • Electric heating solutions accredited by BAFE, ISO9001, ATEX, NICEIC, AND AEMT.
  • Eco-friendly electric heating solutions.
  • We use cutting edge electric heating equipment.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six years experience
  • Unrivaled experience
  • An exceptional service
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Industry-approved installers
  • A full range of electrical services
  • Professional, reliable and diligent
  • 100% safety and satisfaction

Our Commercial Electric Heating Experts At Mittens Electrical Engineering

When looking to take out a heating solution that can efficiently deal with your commercial electric heating problem, you definitely want to make sure that the service is administered by reputable professionals who have installed and serviced a wide range of commercial electric heating systems.

At Mittens Electrical Engineering, we work with a highly-trained team of commercial electric heating experts with years of experience in the industry.

Our rigorous vetting process when selecting members of our team, ensures that we employ some of the most knowledgeable staff. Also, our commitment to regularly updating their skills guarantees that we can handle any commercial electric heating job.

Our Commercial Heating Equipment At Mittens Electrical Engineering

We leverage advanced commercial electric heating tools at Mittens Electrical Engineering to complement the expertise of our experts. These tools help bring precision into our work and ensure that we install, repair, replace, and service your commercial electric heating systems swiftly, and without any hiccups or damage to your property.

These tools, wide-ranging and specialised, also ensure that we can handle all types of commercial electric heating works. Therefore, whether you want to install an electric heating system for your office or you want to service the one for a banquet hall, we can help you.

Mittens Electrical Engineering Commercial Electric Heating Inspection And Installation

Because we want to offer you a highly personalised commercial electric heating solution at Mittens Electrical Engineering, we always incorporate site inspection in our electric heating installation package. Our professional engineering design team will assess the technical specifications pertaining to your commercial electric heating project and present a detailed thermodynamics analysis. This helps us to understand and effectively cater to your commercial electric heating needs.

Then during installation, our expert electric heating contractors will incorporate our more than 80 years of expertise and our specialised equipment, to mount your electric heating system swiftly and properly, without any damage to your property.

Mittens Electrical Engineering Commercial Electric Heating Hardware Supply

When looking for durable commercial electric heating hardware, components, and accessories, whether for fresh installations or as a replacement for a damaged electric heating system, Mittens Electrical Engineering is the contractor to call.

Some of the electric heating systems we also offer include perimeter heating, radiant heaters, electric panel heaters, boilers, heavy duty space heaters, finned and gilled tubes, eco-friendly thermostats, and controls and accessories.

Our partnership with manufacturers that adhere to environmentally friendly regulations like the Environmental Protection Act 1990 means that we are able to offer our electric heating solution with minimal impact to the environment.

Mittens Electrical Engineering Commercial Electric Heating Repair And Replacement

Our commercial electric heating solution at Mittens Electrical Engineering doesn’t end with installation. We also offer electric heating repair and replacement services. Therefore, whether your electric heating system is faulty, damaged, or outdated, our team of experts is always ready to come to your aid.

The Commercial Electric Heating Assurance We Offer At Mittens Electrical Engineering

Cost-effective Commercial Electric Heating

Mittens Electrical Engineering has partnered with top electric heating hardware manufacturers to bring our clients electric heating solutions that are cost-effective. When you contract us, you get electric heating hardware, components, and accessories at wholesale prices. Also, with our use of specialised equipment, we are able to improve precision, work faster, and thus save our clients’ costs.

Our Electric Heating Solution Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

At Mittens Electrical Engineering, we believe in fostering a lasting relationship with both our partners and clients. Our flexible delivery approach ensures that we personalise our commercial electric heating solution to incorporate each clients’ needs. And we always strive to complete each and every job to the highest standards. That’s how we guarantee customer satisfaction in our commercial electric heating solution.

24/7 Emergency Commercial Electric Heating Solution

Your commercial electric heating system might be critical to the running of your factory. Should it develop a fault, the ensuing inconvenience could cripple your business operation. Certainly, you would want a commercial electric heating solution that can rescue your company from the mess as soon as it occurs.
That’s where Mittens Electrical Engineering’s emergency electric heating solution comes in. This emergency service is accessible within the U.K. 24/7, and our response time is less than an hour.

Eco-friendly Commercial Electric Heating

At Mittens Electrical Engineering, we care about the earth and we are dedicated to environmental sustainability. That’s why we maintain a green policy and we also only partner with electric heating manufacturers whose environmental policies are ethical. In addition, we deal with innovative electric heating systems that are efficient at conserving power. A good example is the use of computerised thermostat to regulate heating output and power consumption.

Mittens Electrical Engineering Comprehensive Commercial Electric Heating Solution

Mittens Electrical Engineering electric heating solution can cater to all calibres of commercial heating projects. We have delivered our stellar service to factories, agricultural farms, leisure centres, office premises, retail stores, country estates, and more. Therefore, no matter how unique or complex your commercial heating needs are, we have the experience and technical expertise to deliver.

Call us today at Mittens Electrical Engineering and take advantage of our cost-effective, eco-friendly commercial heating solution in the United Kingdom.

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