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Fire alarms are important systems. There are different reasons people fail to take this very important safety step. While many are worried about the cost, others cite the difficulty of installing as a reason that they have not got a fire alarm system installed. The risk of losing everything if there is a fire outbreak is far greater than the price you pay when installing one in your building.

Mittens Electrical has made a name in the UK for delivering effective fire alarm solutions at affordable prices. Whether you need fire alarm installations or repairs, you can count on our fire alarm experts to deliver.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

A wireless alarm system is an innovative fire detection technology that uses radio technology to ensure safe wireless communication with at least two redundant communication paths. They are often equipped with sophisticated technical parameter sets, that can optimally adapt to the current environmental conditions. Wireless alarm systems were pioneered in the 1980s, with some reliability concerns around the risk of interfering signals.

Today’s wireless fire alarm systems are have multi-frequency links to eliminate signal blocking and collision, allowing a robust signal to be maintained. They are therefore highly reliable. Before you choose a fire alarm, make sure it meets all of your technical requirements. Here at Mittens Electrical we make sure that all of our wireless fire alarm systems are listed under the UL 864 Standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems. Our wireless fire alarm experts can guide you on the best solutions for your property.

How Do Wireless Fire Alarms Work?

Though there are different manufacturers of this technology, they are all built in similar ways. The wireless fire detection technology has two key components: radio (for communication) and sensors (for fire and smoke detection).

The first thing your wireless fire alarm system does is to detect if there is any smoke in the room.

Though many fire detectors can be triggered with minor smoke from the kitchen and even steam, the wireless fire alarms we supply have sophisticated sensors that determine the density of the smoke.Within seconds of analysing, the sensor sends the feedback to the communication channel, which is the integrated radio wave transmitter.

The communication system for the radio wave communicates with at least two redundant pathways, to make the communication process more reliable. It first sends the signals to the nearest device, which also has two frequency bands and several channels. The device automatically changes the channel or frequency band or reroutes the information via another neighbouring device until it gets to the gateway- this is when you hear the alarm.

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Is A Wireless Alarm System Safe And Reliable?

The wireless alarm system is as safe as a wired alarm system. With its mesh technology, it can power a large and powerful wireless network. With only one gateway at your disposal, you can have a radius of 60m, which is equivalent to five floors. Moreover, since wireless devices can be interlinked, you don’t need a direct connection with each and every one of the devices to the gateway.

What Do I Stand To Gain From A Wireless Alarm System?


The wireless alarm system is mobile, unlike the wired alarm system. You can easily install one at a location and move it to another location within minutes. This is handy if the first location you installed it interferes with the architecture of your home or office, or you installed it temporarily. Business needs evolve, and a wireless system allows you to seamlessly move and re-arrange your system as the fire risks in your building change.

Runs on Batteries

With a wireless alarm system, you don’t have to worry about power outages, as it uses batteries This makes it even more reliable than a wired alarm system. With the advancements in technology today, you don’t need to worry about the lifespan of your battery. Also, as manufacturers now embrace the use of lithium batteries. These batteries are rechargeable, and a fully charged battery can last a long time. You don’t have to worry about the fire safety of your building if there are power outages.

Sophisticated Algorithms

The algorithms of modern alarm systems are sophisticated, allowing the devices to work at a high functioning level. Wireless fire alarms have sophisticated fire sensors that carefully analyses if the smoke is a real threat needing attention, or if it is steam from the kitchen or another part of the building. The system does not only notify you of the degree of fire and urgency, it also informs you of where the fire is coming from. As each device communicates with its neighbour, each also carries a special identification module that can easily be read and transmitted to the gateway.

Here at Mittens Electrical Engineering, we offer you more than just the supply of alarms to detect fires. We make sure you get a device that fully complies with all appropriate laws. We consult with you and can carry out a consultative fire risk assessment to ascertain the best solutions for your building. We then install the devices for you.

Our experts are experienced in the process of efficient fire alarm installations. After installation, we offer technical support, and repair and maintenance services.

Give us a call today on 07944693243, or visit our office, to discuss how we can give you peace of mind in this very important area of health and safety.

Wired Video Monitoring Systems

A wired video monitoring system might be better if your business requires continuous surveillance. This is because they don’t require batteries for their power and their wired connection provides steady constant video streaming as long as there isn’t a fault.

Wireless Video Monitoring Systems

Installation of a wireless system costs less and it is more mobile as you can have the camera position easily changed without having to unplug or move wires around. An especial feature that makes our experts prefer the wireless system for intruder detection is the remote access – you can peek at your offices anytime and from anywhere.

What sort of alert does the alarm system give?

Some alarm systems flash some lights, make loud noises, and that’s it. You might feel this is sufficient security for your premises but we recommend installing an alarm system that contacts the alarm company and or the police. This will keep your business safer.

Regardless your preference, contact us at Mittens Electrical Engineering on 01273257076 for wireless and wired security solutions to best meet your UK business’ needs.

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