Why Should You Choose a Registered Electrician?

A correctly installed and properly maintained setup can considerably reduce the possibility of mishap or injury. So, any electrical installation work must be performed by people who have the knowledge, skills and experience required to avoid the threats that electricity can develop.

Electrical Installation Certificate

This is a certificate from an electrician that specifies that an electrical installation is safe to use at the date and time specified on the certificate. It’s needed for all significant installations, including consumer systems, new circuits and extra lights/sockets in unique locations such as the kitchen or bathroom.

What Are The Different Types of Electrical Safety Certificate/Reports?

There are four various types of an electrical safety certificate or reports; electrical installation certificates, minor electrical works set up certificates, electrical installation condition reports and Part P alerts.

Master Electrician License

A master electrician is the most certified level of an electrician. They deal with both business and domestic jobs and monitor journeymen electricians.