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What Is Three Phase Power?

A three phase system is for alternating a building’s electricity supply. It is especially good for buildings that require enough power to run large motors, or buildings with appliances that require a higher than normal voltage input to run.

Alternating current (AC) is the process of having the power supply going into a building and alternate cyclically. This happens by having the electricity flow first in one direction into a circuit, before it flows into another direction. This ensures that the supplied voltage continuously varies between a negative and positive peak amperage.

Within symmetric three-phase electricity supply systems, each of three conductors carries an alternating current at equal frequency and voltage amperage. In most installations, there’s a common reference that’s connected to a shared common neutral leg (a current-carrying conductor), and a grounded connection to provide a zero potential, or ground potential, against which all other voltages are measured. All this might not make any difference to a household’s appliances but it does

does have a significant impact on factory equipment, or a cluster of apartments with high-voltage appliances.

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Simply put, three alternating currents are supplied by a three-phase power system. What this setup ensures is that the overall power being supplied by the three alternating currents stays constant and always-on.

For an electricity consumer, consistency in electricity supply is the most beneficial feature of a three phase electricity system.

Compared to a single phase system which draws significantly more current with its two conductors (phase and neutral), a three phase system, with its one set of windings for each phase, is way more efficient.

A Short History Of Three Phase Systems

A lot of scientists independently contributed to the creation and evolution of the three phase system.

In 1882, Nikola Tesla thought of a multi-phase voltage system. In 1887, he filed his first patents for a two-phase AC system with four electric power lines.

Galileo Ferraris in 1885, like Tesla, built an induction motor using two phases.

But Friedrich August Haselwander was the first to come up with an idea to use a three-phase alternating voltage system in July 1887.

Michael Dolivo-Dobrowolsky built on the ideas of Tesla and Ferraris, improving them considerably. He designed a three-phase cage induction motor and the three-phase slip ring induction motor with starting resistors.

In 1890, Jonas Wenströmbuilt a three-phase generator.

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Why Opt For A Three Phase System?

To identify what kind of power supply your property requires involves checking the fuse on the service head. A three phase supply has three 100 amp fuses while a single-phase has a single100 amp fuse.

If you run a production facility or you are a landlord who owns a huge tenement building, or you just consume a lot of electricity, a three phase system will definitely be beneficial and economical compared to a single phase supply system.

Single phase systems are bound to have periods with zero power. This occurs when the voltage crosses beyond zero. For an average electricity consumer, this won’t matter because the phase has enough stored up energy to compensate for the absence of power.

But if your home or business requires an increasing amount of power supply, a three-phase supply is preferable because the option of reducing the number of conductors is available. This provides you with a cost benefit – less money paid for power consumed.

Three-phase supply systems have other features that make them attractive too.

  • Power flow in a three way system is constant. This helps to reduce vibrations coming from machinery such as motors in a factory – less noise.
  • There’s also the added advantage of requiring smaller wires and lower voltages, and yet providing the same amount of power as a single-phase. Which means that it’s a less expensive and safer option.

  • Because the load on a three phase supply system is constant, it eliminates the requirement for starting capacitors in motors.
  • Three phase systems create a rotating magnetic field with an unchanging magnitude and course. This simplifies the design of electric motors.

Almost every household’s electrical systems is single-phase. In UK or European residences, a three phase supply might serve to supply power to a large block of flats, but the individual household needs are met by only a single phase.

In less populated locations, a single phase might be used throughout in meeting the electrical needs of the area. But a few household appliances that consume considerable electricity, such as, electric stoves, irons or tumble dryers are better off powered by three phases, not one.

If the power supply required is beyond 5-7 kw, it may be time to move to install a three phase connection. Because three phase meters are structurally different from single-phase meters, the entire single phase system will be uninstalled to make way for a three phase. But the upgrade to a three-phase connection, will not necessitate a change in a wiring system. The existing wiring should be able to handle a metre upgrade, thus no need to incur further costs on changing wires.

Electrical loads on a three phase system need to be evenly distributed across the incoming three phases. This is to prevent the main breaker from tripping. If you begin to experience a breaker tripping after having a three phase installed, then spread your power needs more evenly where possible. We can help to design the system for you.

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