Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems in Brighton, Sussex

What’s an Intruder Alarm System?

An Intruder Alarm System is a device thatemits a warning signal in the event of a security breach. This warning signal is usually in the form of a loud siren or other audible warning that’s accompanied by bright lights. When an alarm system goes off, it has the ability to deter a would-be criminal, and depending on the system’s design,it could also summon the proper authorities such as the police.

Simply put, an Intruder Alarm System is a means of securing your business premiseswith an electronic system of connecteddevices.An ideal intruder alarm system for your business comes with the following components:

  • A control panel that controls the entire security system.
  • Certain models come with motion sensors that monitor both the exterior and interior of your business.
  • Sensors for both window and doors.
  • Wireless or wired CCTV cameras
  • And a really loud alarm or siren

During our 80+ years of business at Mittens Electrical Engineering, we’ve provided security solutions to business owners, commercial and industrial buildings in the UK. Our tested and trusted expertise sets us apart from our competition because we focus strongly on safety, accreditation, regulation and customer satisfaction.

We’ve established ourselves as a reputable firm that is capable of offering a myriad of solutions to engineering problems. This includes the electrical installation of alarm systems that’ll keep intruders at

bay and put you at easeconcerning your business’ security. If your UK business requires an Intruder Alarm System, simply contact us on 01273257076, and we’ll provide you all the answers, expertise and solutions you need to secure your commercial or industrial premises.

Our Guarantee

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Factors that should influence your Alarm System choice

  1. Would you prefer a Wireless Alarm System?

More business owners are developing a preference for wireless alarm systems and are abandoning the traditional wired alarm system. What makes a wireless system preferable is that it communicates its alarm notification wirelessly via a mobile or broadband Wi-Fi network. But there could be a problem if your Wi-Fi or mobile network service is down. In such a situation, your wireless alarm system will not be able to communicate its alert. To avoid this, it’s better to have your wireless system connected to a very reliable internet connection

– cellular connections are thought to be more trustworthy. Many wireless alarm systems offer the added benefit of you being able to monitor your business premises wirelessly and remotely by accessing your security system on a mobile device or through the website of your security system provider. If you opt for a wireless alarm system, our experts at Mittens Electrical Engineering can have you set up and secured in no time.

Other advantages of getting a wireless alarm system from us at Mittens Electrical Engineering includes;

  • Your installed wireless alarm system will keep you updated in real-time concerning thesecurity status of yourpremises.
  • You can access your installed wireless system remotely from anywhere in the world. This includesremotely turning the system on or off to grant your staff entry or simply monitor activity on your premises.
  • Because of the wireless nature of the setup, little mess is made during the instalment. No need for a tangled mess of wires or unnecessary holes drilled into and damaging your walls.

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Would you prefer a Wired Alarm System?

Alarm systems protect your property by using sensors installed atfocal points of your premises.Whenthese sensors are triggered by a break-in,they communicate a warning signal to your alarm system’s control panel. The control panel in turn then signalsthe Alarm Company or authorities such as the police of a possible security problem.

On a wired system, the control panel contacts the proper authorities via a landline system, thus the name “wired”. On a wired alarm system, you don’t get some of the features available on a wireless system such as remote access and remote viewing. But if you’d still prefer having a wired alarm system installed on your commercial or industrial premises, our Mittens Electrical experts are available and capable to provide efficient services to satisfy your needs.

Would you like your alarm system to have video monitoring capabilities, CCTV?

With CCTV or camera surveillance, you can keep an eye on your premises even when you are not around. Statistics show that even non-functional cameras are an effective deterrent for would be trespassers or intruders. With CCTV or camera surveillance, you are afforded 24/7 visual of all activity, going out and coming in, at your business’s location. Recorded footage from an installed CCTV can also be used as evidence to convict a criminal that’s breached your business’ security.

Video recording, depending on your alarm system, can be nonstop or set to record only in certain conditions. Example of such conditions are recording upon detecting motion, or upon a window or door being opened. Constant recording is more expensive as it consumes more storage space, but it does keep a vigilant eye on your premises around the clock.

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Wired Video Monitoring Systems

A wired video monitoring system might be better if your business requires continuous surveillance. This is because they don’t require batteries for their power and their wired connection provides steady constant video streaming as long as there isn’t a fault.

Wireless Video Monitoring Systems

Installation of a wireless system costs less and it is more mobile as you can have the camera position easily changed without having to unplug or move wires around. An especial feature that makes our experts prefer the wireless system for intruder detection is the remote access – you can peek at your offices anytime and from anywhere.

What sort of alert does the alarm system give?

Some alarm systems flash some lights, make loud noises, and that’s it. You might feel this is sufficient security for your premises but we recommend installing an alarm system that contacts the alarm company and or the police. This will keep your business safer.

Regardless your preference, contact us at Mittens Electrical Engineering on 01273257076 for wireless and wired security solutions to best meet your UK business’ needs.

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