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Choosing The Right Emergency Lighting Professionals

With over 80 years of experience working with top lighting experts in the industry, as well as security professionals, Mittens Electrical has the technical know-how to ensure that your building’s emergency lighting is always functional. From simple hallway lighting to parking lot flood lights, your employees or tenants are guaranteed safe exit in emergency situations.

Accredited Electrical And Emergency Lighting Company

While setting up the regular lighting plan for your new building, it is essential to factor in the emergency lights too. Some contractors may not know this, but the cabling for emergency lighting must differ in source and direction from other lights. Otherwise it would be an ineffective alternative.

Our team of certified electricians are not only experienced but are approved by leading electrical authorities. Even our company is accredited by NICEIC, the UK’s renowned regulatory organization for the electrical contracting industry. Our expertise ranges from residential to commercial and industrial properties.

Emergency Lighting And Wiring Compliance

We work strictly in line with the specifications of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and our wiring follows the latest Wiring Regulations (BS 7671). Similarly, we have a professional indemnity insurance and other relevant insurances for all projects we undertake. Mittens Electrical has a verified Health and Safety policy and all of our services are adequately covered.

In order to comply with Health and Safety guidelines, the work environment must have adequate emergency lighting, and this must also be installed according to the industry’s specifications.

Emergency escape lighting design and installation

Whether you want a new lighting design and installation or you want to upgrade your current lighting set-up, we can provide consultancy and design. Our vast knowledge and skill will be valuable towards developing your emergency lighting project.

We start by sending a professional electrician to your building where you will discuss further to give them an idea of your company. Next, our electrician will complete a thorough assessment of your facility to determine factors such as light type, size, wiring path and so on. Our installations are performed to make sure we don’t interfere with your regular routine.

Emergency light testing

Although an emergency lighting system is a legal responsibility for every employer or property-owner that hosts a general public, it is not something people remember every day. With your busy schedule, you could miss due dates for testing. Some companies have a risk assessment schedule that allows them to organise periodical testing for their lighting. If you don’t have one, a member of our electrical team can help you to establish one.

Further, depending on your building, we will conduct tests to check their functionality, need for upgrade, possible defects, connection with the alarm systems and so on. Our testing is strictly conducted in accordance with the latest requirements BS5266-1:2011. By testing your emergency light regularly, you’ll not only be saving lives but protecting your business from losing money.

Emergency Lighting Services

Unexpected power cuts can prove dangerous if there are no contingency plans in place. Our company provides the following services to keep you ahead of the situation at all times:

  • Emergency escape lighting design and installation
  • Emergency lighting tests
  • Emergency lighting repairs
  • Emergency lighting maintenance

Emergency lighting repairs

Sometimes we find faults during testing and fix them immediately. Because it makes no sense to call for repairs of your emergency light during an actual emergency, it is highly advisable to do so on a periodic basis. Common faults we find during testing include burned bulbs, out-dated models, a tripped wire and disconnection from the alarms- all which could affect safe escape one way or the other.

Our repairs may occur on-site or back at our workshop, depending on how severe the malfunction is. However, on-site repairs do not interfere with the client’s daily routine so you need not worry about disruption of services. Repairs take place at our workshop when there is need for more pertinent work and we use our cutting-edge equipment to facilitate these kinds of quick repair.

Emergency lighting maintenance

Maintaining electrical system and lighting is a lot more technical than most people think. You’ll need more than the right tools and skilled engineers. With our trusted team, clients of Mittens Electrical have the reassurance that we will maintain their electricals and wiring effectively.

This is why we don’t just pick competent electricians who are accredited. We hire people with the ability to think independently and innovate. For example, it takes a creative team to identify non-disruptive ways to maintain electrical systems during peak hours at a client’s site.

Get Obligation-Free Electrical Lighting Consultation

You don’t have to be a ‘client’ to get consultation with us. Our lines are open to potential customers who’d like us to advise them on their emergency lighting situation. To find out more, contact us via the form on our website.

We have a high retention rate for customers we work for, with more than 80% choosing to keep us before the completion of their first project.

About Mittens Electrical


Happy clients mean we receive lots of positive word of mouth recommendations, which also means our partners’ reputations are under scrutiny when we act on their introductions. Our willingness to share our expertise and product knowledge within our partners’ organisations helps create a mutually beneficial working relationships and reciprocates that trust.

Our History

Established in 1935, a small family engineering firm has evolved into a successful multi million pound business, providing a wide range of products and services to local enterprises and large multi nationals alike. Every client enjoys and benefits from the same focused delivery approach ensuring that each and every job is completed to the highest standards


We pay attention to detail. Our proven industry-leading expertise and strong focus on safety, regulation and accreditation are all key factors when choosing Mittens Electrical. Clients often invite us to get involved early in their project design to help minimise costly design oversights.


With over 80 years experience of delivering quality service and solutions to our clients, we always seek to enhance not just our reputation, but our partners’ too. Service and quality underpin everything that we do. Experience counts.

Benefits Of Working With Mittens Electrical

  • Our engineers, design, build, repair, maintain, install, commission electrical, mechanical and building solutions.
  • Experience working with simple and complex electrical, mechanical or building needs.
  • Our client testimonials demonstrate our product knowledge and our ability to meet often challenging deadlines.
  • Our clients choose to work with us again on their next project and trust us to deliver.

Why Should You Hire Mittens Electrical?

We have a reputation for excellence

You don’t stay 80 years in a business without learning a thing or two. At Mittens Electrical, we have learned a horde. Our unswerving commitment to quality has given us an edge in the industry.

Work with a trusted team

We are not only experienced, but recognised by leading authorities in the electrical contracting industry. Our list of accreditations includes:

  • BAFE
  • ATEX hazardous location certification
  • ISO9001

Get value for your money

Our customers believe in the value of our work because we deliver top-tier service at affordable costs. Almost unlike any in the industry.

Superior technology and tools

One of the reasons we deliver superior service is the quality of our equipment. This helps us to find faults and resolve them speedily.

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