Covert Surveilance Cameras in Brighton, Sussex

Covert surveillance cameras

A covert surveillance camera sees and records activities people would normally refrain from in the presence of a conspicuous security camera. Overt CCTV cameras might normally be a deterrent against bad conduct, but a person insistent on carrying out a bad act can simply do it on the CCTV’s blind side.

Because of how unscrupulous employees and customers have devised ways to evade the watchful eyes of obvious CCTVs, most business owners now opt for covert surveillance cameras to catch offenders. An offender will perform an act in the face of a covert camera without even knowing it’s there.

To hide their presence, covert surveillance camerasare usually disguised or concealed by hiding them within a larger and nonsuspicious item such as a clock or smoke detector. Another type of covert camera is one so small, it’s barely noticeable by those it’s watching.

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Rules concerning using covert cameras

At Mittens Electrical Engineering, we offer solutions to help our clients, not compound their problems. Thus, if you choose to install a covert surveillance system, we inform you of the following rules governing the installation of covert surveillance in the workplace.

  • According to, an employer can only monitor his/her staff covertly if the following parameters are satisfied;
  1. Employees are under reasonable suspicion of breaking the law
  2. And if informing employees that they will be covertly monitored will make it more difficult to catch them in the act of committing the suspected crime.
  • A covert surveillance system is only permitted to be used for a definite time frame to carry out, and only carry out, a legitimate workplace or criminal investigation.
  • A covert camera can only be used when extreme malpractice in the workplace is suspected, and if the employer has actual intentions of involving the police or other proper authorities by the time his/her investigation is over.
  • A covert surveillance system shouldn’t harass innocent workers or interfere with their work lives.
  • A covert surveillance system is not allowed to be installed in areas of a commercial or industrial building that’s already been deemed as private. Examples of such areas are showers, toilets, and changing rooms.
  • To avoid facing litigation for installing a covert camera in the workplace our TAMittens Electrical Engineer experts recommend that employers only use their covert surveillance system in line with the provisions of the DPA 1998 (Data Protection Act).
If any of the above requirements are not in place, covert surveillance of a workplace can amount to breaching the human rights of an employee, and this is in contravention of the Human Rights Act of 1998.

Covert surveillance cameras can be highly beneficial in solving security and other workplace problems. But if improperly used, it can lead to a new set of problems for a business owner. To avoid falling victim to such a circumstance, contact us at Mittens Electrical Engineering on 01273257076 for our expert recommendations concerning installing a covert surveillance camera.

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Benefit of having a covert surveillance camera installed by TAMittens Electrical Engineering experts

Asides from catching people in the act when they don’t know they are being watched, covert surveillance cameras have a wide range of applications most businesses don’t consider. For example, we recommend using covert surveillance cameras to monitor delivery of stock to your business to confirm your supplier isn’t short-changing you. It can also be used to confirm your cashier isn’t short-changing you.

Also, if anyone were to ever break into your business premises, a covert camera that the perpetrator doesn’t know about will be overlooked and will capture the criminal in the act. Such a video recording will be exceedingly useful to the police and can serve as evidence in court. Other uses in the workplace can be to catch and curb bullying or poor customer service.

End of it all, both covert and overt security cameras have a role to play in securing your commercial or industrial premises. But it is more beneficial to have both in place for maximum protection.

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Other types of security cameras offered by Mittens Electrical Engineering

  1. Dome: This surveillance unit get its name from its dome-shaped casing. Because of its conspicuous shape, it serves as a wonderful deterrent against anyone planning on performing an illicit act within your premises.
  2. Bullet CCTV camera: It is a surveillance unit that’s often mounted on a wall or into a ceiling. It’s mostly for indoor surveillance but can also double as an outdoor camera in a limited capacity. It’s called a bullet because of its cylindrical shape. The downside of this camera is its stationary nature – it can’t pan or tilt.
  3. Infrared/Day/Night camera: Thissurveillance unit has the ability to see in the dark with its night visionlenses. Because of its infrared LEDS, it doesn’t need any extra lighting to record activities in a dark environment.
  4. Wide Dynamic Security Camera: These cameras can alternate between light levels. Because of this, it can perceive a broad spectrum of lighting levels and capture clear images of faces concealed in shadows or covered in bright light. They are usually used at entrances or parking lots.
  5. Network/IP: These surveillance units can either be wireless or hardwired. They communicaterecorded images via an internet connection.
  6. Pan Tilt Zoomcameras: Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras give their operator the capability to manoeuvre the camera in any direction to get a better view. They are better suited for covering wide areas without the need of other cameras, but they usually require an operator to control them.

Regardless what sort of surveillance unit you require for your premises, Mittens Electrical Engineering has what you need. Contact us on 01273257076 for professional installation of an efficient covert surveillance camera or other type of camera for your UK establishment’s security.

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